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Celebrate Israel's Independence 
with a New Exciting Tradition...

Israel's Declaration of independence

as a scroll with trope symbols

Get a copy and chant it on the upcoming Yom Ha'Atzmaut with your community, students or family.

Designed with respect towards tradition and modernity


High Quality, Easy-to-read
Hebrew letters with trope


Handmade Wooden Handles
(atzei chayim)


Beautiful velvet case


Wide and bright canvas scroll 


The exciting addition to your synagogue


A great piece to have at your home or community center

Get a digital copy of the scroll with the trope for free!

Please check your email!

This is how we do it

In recent years, between Yom HaShoah and Yom Ha'atzmaut, during the ten days of gratitude, a new tradition of reading the Megillah has taken hold in communities throughout Israel. We, at the World Zionist Organization, hold a festive event of reading Megillat Ha'atzmaut at the Egalitarian Kotel

Watch our second
event from last year...

This year's event is
on April 23rd, 2023:
We broadcast it live in different languages to the whole Jewish world.
This is our way to celebrate Israel’s independence and to strengthen our sense of Jewish peoplehood in Israel and abroad.

Order today and get the scroll before the upcoming Israeli Independence Day* (April 23rd, 2023)
Organize your special event with an
inspiring new tradition
of reading the scroll together.
* We only make scrolls in small batches after receiving orders, and then we ship it internationally from Israel.

A festive reading of Megillat Ha'atzmaut live from the Egalitarian Kotel

to get the scroll before the upcoming Israeli Independence Day (April 23rd, 2023)

Cost - 800$

including international shipping

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